OceanDataset.manipulate_coords(fillna=False, coords1Dfrom2D=False, coords2Dfrom1D=False, coordsUVfromG=False)[source]

Manipulate coordinates to make them compatible with OceanSpy.

fillna: bool

If True, fill NaNs in 2D coordinates (e.g., NaNs are created by MITgcm exch2).

coords1Dfrom2D: bool

If True, infer 1D coordinates from 2D coordinates (mean of 2D). Use with rectilinear grid only.

coords2Dfrom1D: bool

If True, infer 2D coordinates from 1D coordinates (brodacast 1D).

coordsUVfromCG: bool

If True, compute missing coords (U and V points) from G points.


Grid: https://mitgcm.readthedocs.io/en/latest/algorithm/horiz-grid.html